Knowledge to Prevent and Manage Cancer

About Us

Cancer is very much prevalent now. Now a days everybody has at least one relative suffering from cancer. In India most of the patients are often diagnosed in advance cancer. The reason may be lack of knowledge about cancer in general population or even among local doctors. Cancers may be curable in early stage but it is very difficult to cure in advanced stage. Hence everybody should acquire the knowledge of oncology so that cancer can be prevented or if not can be diagnosed in an early stage.

Oncogyan tells you about dos and don'ts that help you to avoid cancer in your life. It also put emphasis on day to day activities that you should incorporate in your  life to remain healthy and fit. There are a lot of information in the internet which tells you about above things which are either incomplete or that do not have a significant evidence. It is also true that there are a lot of prospective randomised control trials to be conducted in future, but for now we have to rely on evidences that have at least some research background or should be published on authentic sites. Oncogyan will always give you relevant, authentic and useful information, so that you do not need to visit another site further. 


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